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Our Produce

Mudgee Hay Company grows specialist produce to make premium hay. Our multiple hay farms are situated along the fertile river flats of the Cudgegong Valley, amongst the picturesque and mineral rich hills of Mudgee, New South Wales.

Seed to Feed depicts our hands-on management of our product, from the seeds all the way to the end product bales of the hay.

Growing our quality produce is not achieved alone. We liaise with local agronomists and seed specialists to ensure our soils are balanced and nutrient rich for each crop to reach its full potential. Seeds are selected to meet our specific climate and conditions and they are sown, nurtured, monitored and maintained until it is time for harvest. Then we get to work cutting, raking and baling the hay ready for sale – and yes, we do make hay while the sun shines. As required, our crops are irrigated, ensuring each crop matures successfully.

When we are happy, we have a high-quality product that is ready for sale, we make it available to our customer via pick up or delivery* throughout New South Wales.

*Minimum order applies.

Please note we have various grades of hay available for differing requirements. We currently have stands of lucerne, oats, wheat, forage barley and teff which will be made into small squares, rounds and large squares of hay.
our products

What We Sell

We sell all different types of hay to accommodate various specific feed needs.  Whether you have show or breeding horses that require special feed, such as lucerne or teff hay, or if you have a large beef production enterprise which requires large volumes of fodder such as a B-Double of 8’x4’x3’ large squares of vetch or oaten hay, Mudgee Hay Company will be able to assist you. Our hay is suitable for horses, cows, sheep, alpacas, camels and goats and we have varying grades available for breeds and needs.

Supplementary hay is sourced for resale from other reputable producers in our area. Mudgee Hay Company has strong relationships with a select, targeted group of growers who supply Mudgee Hay Company with hay to guarantee consistency, quality and quantity of hay required by our clients.  We provide Fodder Vendor Declarations for biosecurity purposes and can provide Feed Quality Tests upon request at an additional cost.  

Our Products

Varieties of Hay

Lucerne Hay

Small squares, rounds (4’ x4’) and large squares* (8’x4’x3’)
Lucerne (medicago sativa) is a perennial legume used for the production of hay in Australia. Lucerne has a high feeding value and is an excellent source of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins for livestock health. Lucerne hay is produced from October to May each year. (*upon request only)
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Oaten Hay

Small squares, rounds (4’ x4’) and large squares* (8’x4’x3’)
Oaten (Avena Sativa) is an annual grass cereal, primarily used as a fibre source for livestock. It can be fed on its own or used in a mixed feed ration and it has a low contamination risk. Oaten hay is produced in October/November each year.
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Wheaten Hay

Small squares, rounds (4’x4’)
Wheaten hay (Triticum spp) is an annual grass cereal, primarily used as a fibre source for livestock or as a replacement for oaten hay. Wheaten hay is made in October/November produced year.
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Teff Hay

Small squares
Teff (Eragrostis teff) is a fast growing summer grass which is high in fibre, palatable, good protein and energy values and low sugar content. Teff hay is recommended for horse owners who animals have a weight problem or susceptible to founder.
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Festulolium Hay

Small squares
Festulolium (Festulolium braunii) is a ryegrass and meadow fescue grass cross with a very broad leaf, which has the digestibility and sugar levels to match a perennial ryegrass. It is a very palatable hay with a high feeding value for animal production.
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Vetch Hay

Large squares
Vetch is a versatile legume that is made into hay which is nutritious (16-20% protein), highly palatable and preferred by livestock.
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